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Is your operation stuck in a rut? Do you need a boost to get more production out the door? It’s time to experience the difference a meticulous, mechanical engineer can make. With deep expertise in Solidworks 3D CAD, PLC programming, and HMI design, I craft custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with your unique workflow, boosting productivity, reducing costs, and prompting growth for your business.

Why Choose Me, Your Missoula Automation Specialist?

Solidworks 3D CAD

From product design to complex assemblies, I bring your ideas to life with intricate 3D models in Solidworks, showcasing every interaction and detail. You'll see your solution before it's built, ensuring complete transparency and confidence.

Seamless PLC & HMI Integration

No more struggling with disconnected components. As both a skilled PLC programmer and HMI designer, I create the brains and the brawn of your automation solution. Expect flawless operation and user-friendly control, maximizing your team's efficiency.

Cost-Effective & Practical Solutions

I prioritize real-world results for your Missoula business. My focus is on delivering affordable, practical automation that gets the job done and maximizes your return on investment.

Single-Point of Contact & Clear Communication

No more getting lost in corporate mazes. With me, you have direct access and clear communication throughout the entire process. I take full ownership of your project, ensuring prompt responses, flexible adaptation, and a dedicated partnership.

Behind the Innovation

Beyond Services, a Collaborative Partnership

I believe in building lasting relationships with my Missoula clients, not just completing transactions. We’ll start with a collaborative conversation to understand your unique challenges and automation goals. I’ll then propose customized solutions, with transparent cost estimates, so you’re empowered to make informed decisions. This close collaboration continues through design, programming, installation, and beyond, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

My Ideal Missoula Client

You’re a Missoula-based small or medium-sized business seeking to optimize your operations and boost growth. You value local expertise, personalized service, and clear communication. You’re open to exploring creative solutions and trust my experience and dedication to deliver exceptional results.

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If you’re searching for a product design or automation expert in Missoula, contact me today! I’m located in Ronan, MT, and can easily meet with you to help you take your business ideas and turn them into functional products. Don’t wait – experience the difference a local mechatronics engineer can make!

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